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STUDENT Testimonials


Former Grad Student
Dr. Escayg modeled how to teach with compassion and a deep understanding of cultural proficiency while maintaining high expectations of students.  I firmly believe that Dr. Escayg’s leadership encouraged me to become a better academic, educator and human being. 


Former Grad Student, Current Kindergarten Teacher

I first met Dr. Escayg when I enrolled in her course Family, School and Community Partnerships at the University of Nebraska-Omaha while pursuing my master’s degree in early childhood education. I was intrigued by her passion for early childhood education and the balance she had found between academia and purpose. As a student in her course, I was pushed academically in order to best serve my students and meet my professional goals in such a way that I can honestly say, had not been done before. She ensured all students with relatable experiences in class to bridge the gap between academics and application.


Bachelors of Science Degree in Early Childhood Inclusive Education (BECI) Graduate, 2020

Dr. Escayg has been one of the most inspiring and influential professors that I’ve had in my time at UNO.  She takes a strong anti-bias/anti-racist approach in her instruction that consistently challenged me to think critically about my work and reflect on what’s really best for our students. As I move forward in my education and career, I continuously look back on the learning and growth that happened as a result of being a student in Dr. Escayg’s classroom.


Former Grad Student

Throughout my graduate education, I specifically chose courses that I knew Dr. Escayg would be teaching. I never wanted to miss a minute…what student has ever said that about going to class?! Dr. Escayg or as her graduate students know her, Kerry-Ann, has earned her place forever as my favorite teacher in my mind and in my heart.


Dr. Kerry-Ann Escayg (PhD) is an Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. As an anti-racist and anti-colonial scholar committed to fostering Pan-African unity and racial equity in the early years, Dr. Escayg—via both pedagogy and research—challenges racial and attendant economic injustices affecting Black children and families in the US, Canada, and the Caribbean.


Dr. Kerry-Ann Escayg

Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education

College of Education | Roskens Hall 406-C

University of Nebraska at Omaha |

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